Frequently Asked Questions

Ile kosztuje towar z USA?

Depends on:

  1. Gabarytu Paczki – wymiary i masa, które wpływają na koszt transportu do Europy
  2. Cost in the EU - value in EUR
  3. Cost of Transportation in the EU - the average cost of shipping in the USA is about EUR 10-15
  4. TAX
  5. Czynności lokalnych (cło, VAT, etc.)
How does it work?

You send us links to products from a selected store or several stores in the EU. In response, you receive a quote for the goods delivered to US, to your door. It is very easy.

How long does it usually take to ship from the EU by air?

Shipping takes approximately 1 to 3 weeks from the time the item is dispatched by the seller in the EU to the time the product is delivered to your door. Much depends on how quickly a given US store will send the goods and how much it will travel around the United States. Normally, US delivery takes about a week from dispatch. Everything that reaches our warehouse in the EU by Friday - no later than Thursday - is already in US. Then we send the goods by any courier directly to you.

Air or sea transport?

The transport time from the EU depends on the chosen route: air or sea. For air deliveries, the minimum waiting time is 1 week as we arrange delivery every week. In the case of deliveries by sea, the delivery time is 1-3 months. Sea freight is chosen for bulky goods.

Is the order insured and guaranteed?

We guarantee 100% delivery or an immediate refund.

What are the payment methods?

Zamawiamy towar po wpłacie minimum 50% wartości towaru. Resztę płacisz przy odbiorze w Polsce. Możliwa jest płatność przelewem lub za pobraniem.

How do you know it's safe?

We have been providing services for over 5 years. Check out the opinions about us on Facebook where we have over 3000 fans: https://www.facebook.com/zakupywusatanio/

Ask your friends, they have probably already used our services.

Do I have a warranty for a product purchased in the EU?

It is best to check the warranty conditions on the manufacturer's or seller's website. Goods imported to US are covered by the same warranty as in the EU. Therefore, if the repair is covered by the warranty, we will help you carry out the warranty procedure! We send the goods to the EU for repair and transport them back to US. Thanks to this, you have full warranty protection, if only the seller or manufacturer in the EU offers it to its customers.


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