Najczęstsze Pytania

Check the MOST COMMON QUESTIONS about the ordering from EU and importing to US:

Q: How it works?

A: You send us links to products from a selected store or several stores. In response, you receive a quote of goods delivered to your door, total price and no additional or hidden costs.

Q: How long does it take to ship from the USA Polish?

A: Shipping takes about 1 to 3 weeks from the moment of purchase to deliver the product to your door. Much depends on how quickly a store sends the goods and how long it takes to deliver to shipping point. Usually, delivery in the EU takes about a week from the time of shipment. Then we send the ordered goods by local US courier directly to you.

Q: What does the payment look like?

A: We order goods after payment of 10-50% to our account. You pay the rest at final delivery. Payment by bank wire transfer or card.

QHow do I know it's safe?

A: Check out our reviews on Facebook where we have over 2,000 fans and only good reviews:

Ask your friends, they probably already used our services

Q: What is the cost of delivery?

A: The cost of local US delivery depends on carrier, but varies from 10-15 USD

Q: How do we calculate the price for goods in the EU?

A: The price you will receive when you send us product links is derived from the following:

  • package dimensions
  • weight
  • Price (vat+customs)
  • shipping cost across EU (depends on seller and EU country)